Gone GoDaddy Gone

A couple of little things that have made me happier about the state of my station as I realise all the money I’d been flinging at GoDaddy wasn’t the smartest investment I could have made.

http://www.croydonsn.com now directs to this site – of course if you want to find the station you need to navigate to the Centova stream but at least everything can be found in one place

Not least because I’ve signed up for Tindeck so I’ve got somewhere to stick my podcasts from days gone by…

And I’ve added the Listen to Croydon Sport Noise page so you’ve got links to the past and present in one handy place.

More adventures in WordPress to follow… not least as I’ve got a new toy on the way that will allow me to be a bit more…er..advent…  er… a bit less lazy.


Life after hosting

So I’m going to try and focus on WordPress as being the means by which you get to listen to my lovely radio station.

The streaming page is http://centovav3.shoutstream.co.uk/start/sc_3gbna/

From here, you can launch the webplayer, see the last 10 tracks, and see where in the world other listeners are.

Towards the top of the screen you can also select the media player you want to listen to the station through, if you don’t want to use the inbuilt player.  So WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Player are all catered for – simply connect then save as a favourite.

Croydon Sport Noise is also available via TuneIn and Shoutcast – the former especially useful if you have a smartphone and want to listen to CSN on the move.