SSFC – Double vase delight

A new Sports Show for Croydon hits the airwaves tonight from 8pm featuring Croydon and AFC Croydon Athletic and highlights from their FA Vase encounters from the weekend. It’s the first time SSFC (either on CSN or when it was on Croydon Radio) that there have been two games covered. The production of the highlights packages is quite labour-intensive on Audacity but it’s really fun to stick it all together.

Just a note about the perils of recording and parenting at the same time. Or rarenting as it will doubtless become known. I missed the Fisher midfielder, Jamie Taylor, picking up a 2nd yellow card while taking my son to the boardroom toilets at Champion Hill. I might also sound a bit shaky in the end of game summary. That’s because my boy banged his face and being blessed with a nose like Niagra Falls gushed ‘claret’ everywhere. I am so grateful for the amazingly talented Fisher physio Emily ‘Chopper’ Sawyer for taking such great care of my wounded soldier. Within minutes she’d cleaned him up, checked for any breaks and determined he wasn’t in pain. And of course being pitchside, he couldn’t resist running onto the hallowed turf with a ball. I also need to thank the Fisher chairman’s daughter for being so helpful and looking after our buggies.

Enjoy the show. No other station spills as much blood bringing you the best local sport and fantastic music.


One thought on “SSFC – Double vase delight

  1. If it weren’t for the fact he’s also my son I’d find this more amusing !!

    It is true though – no one else risks life & proboscis for sporting glory !!

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