The return of SSFC

Sunday night saw the return of SSFC – The Sports Show for Croydon. The pre-recorded show was broadcast at at 8.30 and can be heard at that time every night until Friday. The podcast is also available on the website.

When SSFC was originally broadcast on Croydon Radio, it went out live and using the excellent studio meant we could have interviews, breaking fixture news and engagement with anyone who interacted through the Shoutbox facility. Croydon Sports Noise doesn’t have access to a studio – as I’m sure you will have guessed it’s a bloke with a laptop – but the new SSFC tries to recreate the ‘spirit’ of the old with new decent music, match highlights and a focus on local sports. We avoid Palace and Surrey because other people do them, and do them very well.

Technically the new SSFC requires a lot of cutting and pasting on Audacity which was a lot of fun. I recorded the links late at night which gives the Bob Harris effect – I should be introducing Charlie Parker rather than Croydon v Whyteleafe. But ultimately it was really enjoyable and as exciting for me now as it was then.

Hopefully the show and the station can evolve. Thanks for reading and for listening.



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