Link to the SSFC archive

If you want to listen to any of the 32 SSFC shows broadcast during 2012-13 you can find them at

There are interesting interviews, the match highlights which formed the basis of the Best of SSFC shows, and some fantastic music where we tried to bring to the listeners of Croydon tunes they should hear for the first time, and noise they needed to hear again.

They won’t win a Sony, but hopefully they might make you smile once in a while.


Croydon Sport Noise has moved

Croydon Sport Noise has moved so please update your links in accordance with your favourite media player

*  Winamp, iTunes
*  Windows Media Player
*  Real Player
*  QuickTime

We’re still playing out the same fantastic range of music, and will be adding new sports shows very soon – remember you can catch the Best of SSFC from our new podcast library.

And we’re changing and plugging our website at

Thanks for listening

Podcast library now up on

I’ve finally sorted out a podcast library so that people can listen or download the Best of SSFC shows I recorded over the summer without needing to hope that I’m updating the main playlist or… indeed… that the one they wanted to listen to was playing.

The Best of SSFC podcasts try and capture some of the spirit of SSFC – The Sport Show for Croydon that was broadcast on Croydon Radio.  There was always a dual role for SSFC – local sport (trying to encourage attendance and participation without focussing on the big sides in the area) and playing music that I liked (and to be fair precious few other DJs on the station played).  Obviously I could achieve the one I was in control of, but the former… well it was enjoyable none the less.

The show had its critic, but I’d like to think people appreciated the sentiment behind what I was trying to do with it (even if the execution might have been lacking).

Croydon Sport Noise gives me the freedom now to play the music I (and hopefully others) want to hear all the time – a lot of it I haven’t heard myself, so doing the washing up with the radio on takes on a whole exciting dimension.  And there will be further incarnations of SSFC which I’ll let you know about as and when they are recorded.

For now, enjoy the music, and the shows, and let me know what you think.


Contrasting fortunes on the first day of the season

Despite Croydon losing their manager and a number of players over the summer, it was the Trams who fared better on the first day of the season, winning away at Frimley Green 4-1 in the Combined Counties League Premier Division.

The arguably more settled Rams lost at home in controversial circumstances conceding a goal in each period of stoppage time at the end of each half, with the one marking the end of the first 45 minutes being offside, and the one at the end of the game seeing Dean Rose receive a red card. 

August 3rd is very early to start the season –  let’s hope both teams are in the running come April.