Whose side are you on?

So the nightmare draw has arrived in the FA Vase.  Fisher FC, the team I’ve followed for 12 years since moving to London will play AFC Croydon Athletic, one of the featured teams on Croydon Sport Noise.

At the Fish and Rams level, the Vase represents the only chance of getting to Wembley (though the Trams of Croydon get to play them in the league… <cue tumbleweed>).  For Fisher, the revenue any cup run would generate is essential given the potential for them to move back close to their former ground in Rotherhithe.  For the Rams, to achieve that in their 2nd year of existence would be a miracle, allied to the return to the KT Stadium. 

For me, I find it easy to fall in love with football clubs – Fisher stole my heart with a 2-2 home draw against Dorchester Town.  AFC gave me their chairman as my first interviewee on SSFC – The Sports Show for Croydon.  I love Croydon too, not least for the coaching staff who wind up being ‘gamesmakers’ and run as far as Mo Farah during every home game when the ball gets tonked into the long jump pit.

I’ve already pledged to be neutral and record highlights for broadcast on the station – it’ll be a horrible afternoon for one of ‘my’ teams whatever happens.


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