This is Croydon Sport Noise

It’s customary on these occasions to start with a manifesto of what you intend to achieve with your clean, fresh, untainted blog. Maybe that’ll come later.

For now, I’d like to promote my internet radio station. It runs 24 hours a day and can be found at At the moment it’s playing 3 shows compiled of clips from the shows I presented on Croydon Radio ( called SSFC – The Sport Show for Croydon.

My next move will be to develop the killer playlist – inspired by stations such as Garbage Panda ( I like the idea of sharing some of my music collection so that when I’m doing the washing up I’ve got a good chance of hearing something I like.

I’m also exploring web development and social media, something incredibly overdue, but interesting all the same. My experience on Croydon Radio has made me thankful for anyone who follows on Twitter or listens to the show – the same gratitude will prevail in everything branded with Croydon Sport Noise.

Anyway as this is veering towards pledges and promises I’ll make my excuses and go play with tags and stuff. Speak soon.


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