The fall and rise of Croydon Sport Noise

Apologies if you’ve not found us for a while.

We went off the air for a short period of time, and I’m slowly getting the components parts back up and running to bring you some excellent music 24 hours a day.  This time around I’m focussing on quality, both in terms of the music I’m posting, but also how it’s presented.

Perhaps the best thing about going off the air for a while was that somebody noticed!  It’s always gratifying when people get in touch, even if its to enquire whether I meant to play 3 Boo Radleys tracks in a row.  When we went off air people asked where we were.  I’m sorry but we’re back now.  Listen to Croydon Sport Noise

So now I need to try and build the audience back up.  It was never up to the Today show, but a steady number of people tuned in.  At the moment the schedule will have Superhits from 1900 to 2300 and the standard playlist the rest of the time.  I haven’t brought back The Live Session yet – it was too scrappy with too much intersong tuning!

As ever, any input you have will be appreciated and responded to.  And thanks for listening.



Looking forward and back

Croydon and Whyteleafe kick off tomorrow, both in new leagues. Croydon have moved across to the Southern Counties East league, whilst Whyteleafe are back in the Ryman Division 1 South. AFC Croydon Athletic started last Saturday with a win.

On the Listen to Croydon Sport Noise page you can find podcasts of the SSFC on CSN shows from the 2013/14 season, and a compilation of coverage of Croydon FC and AFC Croydon Athletic from the previous season, when SSFC – The Sports Show for Croydon was on Croydon Radio

Enjoy the season and keep checking back for updates on this site, as well as listening to some wonderful music


Gone GoDaddy Gone

A couple of little things that have made me happier about the state of my station as I realise all the money I’d been flinging at GoDaddy wasn’t the smartest investment I could have made. now directs to this site – of course if you want to find the station you need to navigate to the Centova stream but at least everything can be found in one place

Not least because I’ve signed up for Tindeck so I’ve got somewhere to stick my podcasts from days gone by…

And I’ve added the Listen to Croydon Sport Noise page so you’ve got links to the past and present in one handy place.

More adventures in WordPress to follow… not least as I’ve got a new toy on the way that will allow me to be a bit more…er..advent…  er… a bit less lazy.

Life after hosting

So I’m going to try and focus on WordPress as being the means by which you get to listen to my lovely radio station.

The streaming page is

From here, you can launch the webplayer, see the last 10 tracks, and see where in the world other listeners are.

Towards the top of the screen you can also select the media player you want to listen to the station through, if you don’t want to use the inbuilt player.  So WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Player are all catered for – simply connect then save as a favourite.

Croydon Sport Noise is also available via TuneIn and Shoutcast – the former especially useful if you have a smartphone and want to listen to CSN on the move.


Milk It all-dayer at The Lexington (The Telescopes, Dead Rabbits, One Unique Signal)

And so to ‘North’ London and the beautfiul Lexington on the Pentonville Road for an all-dayer full of drone, dirge, a touch of shoegaze, but no little pop either.  I say all-dayer… I got there just before 8, procured a rather pongy bottle of water from the bar, and duly ink-splatted (tickets were £7 for an early bird, £10 for those of us without worms) I ascended the stairway to the venue. 

I’d been there a few months back to see Six by Seven and it’s a good place to see bands – stage just at the right height, good sound, lots of seating for your correspondent to tweet and play his baseball game in between bands.  First up were OUS, who were outstanding, dealing manfully with a troublesome bass and a collapsing speaker stack and filling the room with huge slabs of noise, with several tracks from their latest album Aether (Genepool Records).  Next come Dead Rabbits, whose selection box of sonic treats – each one distinctly different but satisfyingly indulgent all the same worked really well – a special mention to the Fender Jaguar wheeling guitarist who looked like I did when I was his age (if I was a proper journo I would researched the names) and the ice-cool drummer lady.  And then the main event.  I once said that Stephen Lawrie playing with OUS as the backing band was the indie equivalent of Trigger’s broom, but after seeing the combo perform songs from Taste at the Underbelly a few years back – I didn’t really want to miss this.  Lawrie ambles on – part Geography supply teacher, part Fall frontman and sits at the side of the stage.  Starting with “There Is No Floor”, the Signals are alive – not least as one of their member, has set up his pedals down on the floor and is thrashing away amongst us.  There’s ‘Violence’ and ‘Suicide’ – but nothing like the versions on the ‘Trademark of Quality’ LP from years ago and there’s HARM, the seemingly impenetrable release from last year.  Lawrie curls into a ball and screams for all his might, fiddling with his pedals trying to capture the.perfect.sound.  For 45 minutes, he held his audience captivated and entranced.  And then off.  Image

I drove home, the One Unique Signal CD playing, through the clear streets of central London back home.  It was a splendid way to make myself late for work. 

SSFC – Double vase delight

A new Sports Show for Croydon hits the airwaves tonight from 8pm featuring Croydon and AFC Croydon Athletic and highlights from their FA Vase encounters from the weekend. It’s the first time SSFC (either on CSN or when it was on Croydon Radio) that there have been two games covered. The production of the highlights packages is quite labour-intensive on Audacity but it’s really fun to stick it all together.

Just a note about the perils of recording and parenting at the same time. Or rarenting as it will doubtless become known. I missed the Fisher midfielder, Jamie Taylor, picking up a 2nd yellow card while taking my son to the boardroom toilets at Champion Hill. I might also sound a bit shaky in the end of game summary. That’s because my boy banged his face and being blessed with a nose like Niagra Falls gushed ‘claret’ everywhere. I am so grateful for the amazingly talented Fisher physio Emily ‘Chopper’ Sawyer for taking such great care of my wounded soldier. Within minutes she’d cleaned him up, checked for any breaks and determined he wasn’t in pain. And of course being pitchside, he couldn’t resist running onto the hallowed turf with a ball. I also need to thank the Fisher chairman’s daughter for being so helpful and looking after our buggies.

Enjoy the show. No other station spills as much blood bringing you the best local sport and fantastic music.

The return of SSFC

Sunday night saw the return of SSFC – The Sports Show for Croydon. The pre-recorded show was broadcast at at 8.30 and can be heard at that time every night until Friday. The podcast is also available on the website.

When SSFC was originally broadcast on Croydon Radio, it went out live and using the excellent studio meant we could have interviews, breaking fixture news and engagement with anyone who interacted through the Shoutbox facility. Croydon Sports Noise doesn’t have access to a studio – as I’m sure you will have guessed it’s a bloke with a laptop – but the new SSFC tries to recreate the ‘spirit’ of the old with new decent music, match highlights and a focus on local sports. We avoid Palace and Surrey because other people do them, and do them very well.

Technically the new SSFC requires a lot of cutting and pasting on Audacity which was a lot of fun. I recorded the links late at night which gives the Bob Harris effect – I should be introducing Charlie Parker rather than Croydon v Whyteleafe. But ultimately it was really enjoyable and as exciting for me now as it was then.

Hopefully the show and the station can evolve. Thanks for reading and for listening.


Link to the SSFC archive

If you want to listen to any of the 32 SSFC shows broadcast during 2012-13 you can find them at

There are interesting interviews, the match highlights which formed the basis of the Best of SSFC shows, and some fantastic music where we tried to bring to the listeners of Croydon tunes they should hear for the first time, and noise they needed to hear again.

They won’t win a Sony, but hopefully they might make you smile once in a while.